Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fitness obsession?

Is this obsession with or what? In a series of Low-fat, Low-transfat, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Sugar, Low calorie, No-(added)MSG... these companies have gone a step ahead of their competitors. They have reduced Sodium in Sodium Chloride and call it healthy?

Seriously, is it even possible to have salt (NaCl) without Na? or with less Na? Or is it chlorinated salt? Can they not leave something as simple as salt alone?

I was perplexed with this chemical mystery. Some searching on the Internet showed that for some people, it is sometimes good to avoid Sodium in their diet - and salt is half sodium any way. So, they replace NaCl with some other "salts", that taste like salt but is not salt (NaCl). The effects of these alternatives are yet to be seen though. It is the illusion of being "in control" that these companies are exploiting. That's it.