Monday, September 06, 2004

Alumni Meet and JanmAsTami

Random thoughts.
The weekend was dry... or should I call it wet since it was raining all the while. Sunday, I had a chance to attend the Alumni meeting of my college (KREC, now called NITK). Most of them were from the 70's batches... very few were from the 90s... Only 6 from 2000 or younger... Well, it was heartening to see that most of them were in very good positions and in time, there was a very good probability that we could also be similar positions... But Andy pointed out those who attend the alumni meeting are only those who are successful... Either way, since we also attended the meeting, we were also destined for greatness :-)) wishful thinking.

Today is JanmAsTami, the day we celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna... Happy Birthday and Many happy returns of the day... Legend has that he knows everything... and hence I believe he can read this blog too:-)) I was talking to a colleague about the festivities in his house on this occasion... We both felt that the "cosmopolitan" nature of bangalore has eroded all distinctive brahminical cultures from our life... A holy day means no more than a holiday (and this one was not even a holiday) for us... But I believe (and desperately hope that it is true) that inspite of not following the rituals associated with a holy festival as this one, the faith is still intact.

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