Monday, October 02, 2006

Iran with Bangalore

Yes, I have not yet found one person who read the above line engraved on the medal that has not exclaimed "What the ??" Two weeks ago, Bangalore hosted the "Times of India International Marathon". It was my first attempt at a half marathon. Yes, I completed the half marathon in 2:11:11. I gather that it is pretty good time for a beginner. After finishing that, a lot of people have been surprised (obviously, looking at my frame) that I could do that... The rest of the blog provides some answers.

Even as a child I always wanted to be a long distance runner... I used to imagine myself as one... Not a sprinter, not a cricketer, not any other glamorous sport... I still believe that long distance running is one of those sport (apart from wrestling) that could help you in your real every day life. Seriously... What good is skill at shot-put or javelin or pole-vault for your every day life... Nothing. Long distance running teaches endurance, builds character, never lets you get late to work.

Although I always wanted to be a runner, it was not until a year ago that I seriously started jogging. Thanks to Subbu. For the first few weeks, I could run only 700 meters continuously. I was thinking that was cool. Those of you who can do 1Km today can easily prepare for next year's half marathon.

Partner or no partner does not matter. After the first few kilometers, its always you v/s you. A pretty face that smiles at you once in a while may help for the next hundred yards... But thats not where you should draw your energy from. It should come from within.

A good pair of running shoes does help. I know a lot of people say it is all gimmick by shoe companies and it does not matter at all... But I have found it helpful. With 'Power' I would feel the pain in my legs at around the 8th Km. With Adidas Climacool... the pain comes in only at 16th Km or later :-)

Have a schedule. Stick to it. In a time management session, the instructor told that the best way to get your self to commit to a schedule is to announce it to the public. The fear of being ridiculed will get you out of the bed every day. There are many many sites that give detailed training timetables... Choose one stick to it. Google for "long distance training".

Warm up is a must. Its boring to do same old stretches... But believe me it is very very important. 10 minutes of warm up for every hour you plan to run is a must.

Again, running is the only legal way you can get a high.

Happy running.

PS: for those of you who still dont believe... here is the certificate.


anandanubhava said...

super ley.. congrats..
next run elli? bbay/delhi marathon kooda target madtiya?
2 hrs or below is a v.good time.. 2 hrs 11 min is good too. top guy finishes around 1 hr 50 mins or so for full marathon usually.. isnt it?

Prashanth Kota said...

Full marathon world record is 2:04:55

Shubha said...

always on my to-do list... but i the only time i won a certificate was for a relay race... i came in last... but my team had the fastest runner in school.. she was so fast she easily got back to first place... she was my best friend and i particiapted only because the fourth runner was absent and i wanted her to win one more medal :)