Thursday, March 01, 2007

The fear of expression

80% of the words framed in mind are never spoken. They are used to talk to oneself.

Man is undoubted most intelligent animal. He has created a complex form of communication. Spoken Words. Various cultures around the world made it even more complex by adding etiquette to the words. Now communication is no longer just semantics... It's not about being grammatically correct, Its about conveying the right emotions and that too in a manner that conforms to all the rules of propriety. No wonder 80% of the words framed in our mind remain there only... Its we humans who have put this stringent filter on what is actually spoken (or written).

At this point, I begin to wonder what good is this highly complex mode of communication, if social structure is not letting you talk most of the time. I would rather be a honey bee or an ant. There would be only two types of dances I would know. At least I would never think 100 times before dancing :-)

This fear of breaking the protocol, fear of crossing the boundaries of propriety has devastating effects on mankind. Clearly, there will no fluent flow of ideas among people... A lot is left unsaid for fear of making fool of one self... exchange of ideas is the basis of civilization...

New relations are very difficult to be established... between people., between nations, between cultures for the very lack of communication. A sincere honest dialogue is the corner stone of any kind of relationship... (even across species)

Friends, I request you to relax the filter a bit... talk more openly to others... Human-beings were not made to be like this... we put these chains ourselves on the words we speak... cut them loose and reach out to the world.


Aanu_Illi said...

Words Well put!

True, we do "we put these chains ourselves on the words we speak"
But letting loose, all the thoughts in the mind would be close to a disaster.
Each ones thoughts are based on their experiences, way of life, culture and many other factors.
If each one of us start blabbering ALL that we think..wouldnt it be so conflictng, arguemental..actually chaotic.

So, I think ,let the 'courageous' ones speak their minds...let the world hear them.
The thoughts of the rest were not meant to be, let be it.

anandanubhava said...

Lot of your recent posts are contemplative in nature.. that's good.. its the eventual state of mind everyone comes to :-)
'Blessed is he who is united in thought, action and words'. But, to reach a state harmonious with creation, one must first conquer the mind & then the thoughts (and hence, words and actions) that arise are prescient in nature. The mind creates whirlpools and obstructs the smooth flow of events.. what then is the use of expressing transient and fickle thoughts? Besides, one can always 'sense' something amiss when somebody doesn't speak but holds back on his/ her true feelings..communication goes beyond the mere verbal. In fact, in a refined and evolved society, telepathy alone suffices.

Prashanth said...

Yes, you are right if every body blabber everything they think, world would be a dangerous place to live. Very true. But, the filter must be defined from with in. Each man's intellect must be the judge of what gets spoken and what not. My point is merely that social etiquette must not force people to stop doing what their heart (or mind) is telling to do. Expressing your feelings in words is just one thing.

Thanks. Yes, in an evolved society, just telepathy would suffice. I only hope people would not shut off their transmitters in fear of their thoughts being picked.

Shubha said...

aw man... thats hilarious... be a honeybee? ...
anyways, i better think a 100 times before i speak... 'cos if i always spoke my ind.. i'd cut out most of the world... only few peole can put up with my brutal honesty.. the couple people i tried it on dint approve of it :)