Friday, June 22, 2007

Autorickshaw - KA-04 B-5824

No, this is not a hit-and-run case. This is the only information I could gather about the auto-rickshaw that amazed me with sheer volume and nature of messages scripted on its back. Truly amazing...

A SMILE can end a war

Smile a lot, it does not cost anything
(B, sounds familiar??)

Life is like an ice-cream. Enjoy it before it melts down.

Beg, borrow but never steal.

My favorite:
Life is like a lock, and mind is the key. You turn it one way, and it locks. You turn it the other way and it unlocks.

There were couple more. Something about life being short and love being beautiful... but these are all that I could memorize in 30 seconds I got to be in reading distance behind him. God! I miss my camera.


Divyank Rastogi said...

Beautiful quotes.. i really liked the last one.

Thanks ..

aishu_here said...

So much in thirty seconds..Some 'photographic memory' that is!

I would probably read the first few and start pondering over them for the next few minutes...

Noting down the reg. number would be only after that..if the vehicle is still in the visible vicinity. :-)