Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little TFNers

TFN has always liked to have children around - after all, they inherit the baton. In the first edition of the tour, we had Sukhdev who created headlines by attempting to ride 2 full days of TFN when he was barely 11. Sukhdev actually came from no-where ;-) His parents, though supportive, were not cyclists themselves. Next year a chance cancellation from TFN made it possible for Rishi Nair to ride most of the course that year. This year it is the turn of Rishi Goyal.
Rishi Goyal, 14
Rishi is a 14 years old kid from Ahmedabad, Gujrat. He is all set to ride his maiden TFN this year while his father Shailendra will follow him on the tour in a car (like me). Shailendra has been cycling in and around Ahmedabad for recreation for the past 25-30 years. Just about couple of years ago, he introduced Rishi to the pleasure of cycling - as a father-son sport. Rishi, on his very first trip showed a lot of promise. He never gave up even when he was drained of all his energy. He did not seem to even mind the flat tire. After the first trip, Rishi encouraged Shailendra to go for longer rides... And that is how their cycling turned from being a recreation to an endurance sport.

Soon, Rishi was going places... Literally. He joined the ABC (Ahmedabad Bicycling Club) started by Dr Harsh Shah and Gaurav (Both of them are former TFNers). Under their guidance on nutrition, fluid intake and riding techniques, Rishi started riding much longer and harder. Shailendra could not catch up... And now is contend to be a very happy support crew. Its  a proud moment for any father when his son overtakes him. Lucky him. Earlier this year, Rishi completed his first century ride and many followed soon after.

As some one said - In cycling, Its just not the distances but the climbs that matter. Rishi is no stranger to that. He has climbed Mt Abu (4-5% over 18Kms) many times in the last year. On one occasion, he has climbed it 4 times in just 2 days. Extraordinary for a teenager. This Divali, when children his age were bursting crackers and feasting on sweets, Rishi and family was training in the Kumaon Hills at Nainital. Those legs will definitely come of age during the TFN.

The little boy is damn serious about his cycling. Imagine a kid of that age having the determination to give up oily food, and have just eggs and sweet potato for breakfast every day... All this so that he can suffer for a week among the pristine mountains of the Nilgiris. He rides for 20-30Kms every day and 60-100 Kms on week-ends. Does skipping as  a cross training exercise.

The ride:
He has a Schwinn Sportera Hybrid - (Sport version). He plans to shift to a road bike once he stops growing ;-) (So that he can ride the bike for years to come)


Chaitanya said...

Go Biking .............. best luck for adventures.

Bhoumik said...

All the best Rishi.. Keep conquering new heights..

shruti said...

Impressive Rishi.. Keep it up ! All da very Best .. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Rishi you are real Amdavadi - best of luck to you!! MST, B'lore

Manish Tahiliani said...

Wow Rishi, keep exploring !! Great work.....!!