Friday, February 24, 2006

The Mantra Chanter - Divine Gizmo

I am impressed once again. This time by the creativity shown by the Indian Small Scale Industries. There is nothing new in the technology... or even in the application. It can play back pre-recoded sounds at the click of a button. But there ends its mundane properties. We have seen many such instruments in toys and greeting cards.

What's unique about this is that it plays 9 different hymns (about 9 different Hindu Gods) in a loop. No changing batteries, No tapes getting stuck. This takes technology to a whole new level of acceptance. My mom is already planning to gift one of this to all her sisters and brothers. I think my grand mom would love it. Anybody's grandmom would. Mind you, these are the kind of people who would never buy a talking greeting card or an expesive toy that says "Good Morning, How are you?" every time you tickle its belly.

Another great convenience is that it can be plugged into any socket just like one of those mosquito repellents. It does not require any batteries. Its very hard to find a reason why one would not buy this if it were available in a village fair.

Truly, a genius application. We need more of this kind.


CurryInAHurry said...

hey can you please tell me where I can get this in Blore??

Prashanth Kota said...

New Bangle stores in "Gayatri Nagar" has a wide variety of these devices. There are a few with fancy lights when the songs are being played.

Google Earth Pointer for the store:
13deg 00' 06.00" N
77deg 33' 39.30" E

I have heard that all stores in the neighbourbood have it, so you can enquire around.