Sunday, March 26, 2006

Being Sarvajna.

Sarvajna is a great thinker. He never had any formal education. Neither did he live a grand famous life. He had his followers who enjoyed his 3 liners in kannada. These 3 liners usually conveyed the most complex wisdom using extremely simple words. For example the one on the right says - "He who does good things without telling others about it is considered to be good. An average person does good things, but tells about it. Despicable are those people who tell stuff, but never do those good things"

Over the years, Sarvajna's 3 liners have become very famous and makes a very good reading as well as learning. However, they have also been twisted and turned (although in good spirit) by common people to convey their message masquerading them as if it came from the MAN himself. Like this one from my colleague Badarish.

Last month has been a crazy one at office. Appraisal time is always like that... Fill up appraisal forms, hope that your manager does not disagree with any of them, then hope that there is enough budget to satisfy your demands. This 3 liner from Badarish says - "That employee who says he done a lot even without doing is the best. Average are those who tell not more than what they have done. Those who do a lot and do not tell are real monkeys." True. Isn't it?