Wednesday, July 18, 2007

amma (ಅಮ್ಮ)

Mother. In Kannada we call her 'Amma'. There are tons and tons of literature on this topic on the INTERNET spreading across all genres (fiction, faction, fantasy, even science fiction), all eras, all languages, all religions, all civilizations... all what-not. All of them concur on one thing - there is no form of pure love other than that of a mother towards her child.

Usually I don't state the obvious. But in this regard, I shall make an exception. Here's my story.

I was about ten years old. Fifth standard. I used to take final exams really seriously those days. Coming second would cause unbearable grief. (At least I assumed it was unbearable at that time). My amma knew about this (in some ways she was the cause for such a belief). As luck would have it, days before the final exams, the viral bug caught me. I was running serious fever and a leaky nose. Some how, disease gets you into a heightened awareness of your conscience. I still don't know what came over me - because I insisted on studying harder. Reciting poems with my eyes closed. and so on... My mother would stay by my side always - rubbing my chest every time I coughed. One evening, I was lying with my head on her lap. She must have thought I was asleep. I clearly heard her pray that if God wanted, he could give her the fever... in exchange to my well-being.

Next morning, I was all OK... jumping up and down getting ready for the kannada exam - singing 'BArisu kannada dim-dimava'. While my amma had a very tired look on her face. She could still come till the end of our road, and send me off to school with a smile. She clearly had the fever.

I know... I know its just all a coincidence that my fever had done its time and her fever was just beginning. But I still like to believe that my amma brought it on herself because of the deal with GOD.

Anybody else doing it for me is simply unimaginable.

Why do I remember this now?
Earlier this week, I was sick. Down with fever and cold. This combination medically has to last for 7 days. Medicine can only help you counter the side-effects. But the virus itself can not be conquered. But, I was up and running in 2 days itself - fresh as a daisy. I wonder if my amma has again offered the deal to the almighty. I will be damned if the all powerful cruel GOD takes the deal and goes through with it.


anandanubhava said...

transfer of karmic burdens is definitely possible tho I dont know how exactly its done.

Shubha said...

its quite impossible for somebody to love you as selflessly as your parents...