Thursday, July 05, 2007

MCP: Missed Call Protocol

I was not in Bangalore yesterday. I was surrounded by strangers (far-off relatives) and was exchanging pleasantries in far off Mangalore. Every now and then my mobile would buzz me just for one ring. When it happened quite frequently, an uncle of mine asked me what was the matter... I evaded his intriguing question by dismissing it as pranks perpetrated by my colleagues. But, I very well knew that they were "Missed Calls" from her, my FGF ;-) This method of telling "I am missing you" started about an year ago... Back then, she used to call me and often, I used to be eager to hear her voice... So I used to pick the call and wait. Only then, would both of us realize that there was nothing to speak. Any thing she would tell me, I already knew - and vice-versa. Silence was perfectly OK too... Now-a-days, I let the phone ring for at least three rings before picking up. If she meant to tell me that she missed me, she would realize that I already knew that and cut it before three rings. That's how, silent wordless calls got converted to 'missed calls'.

It was all fine until a couple of months ago, when she made a startling discovery that while my mobile was flooded with 20-30 missed calls a day, her mobile got none. One fine evening half way through her Frappe Hazzlenut, she asked me Don't I ever miss her? There is no right answer to such a question... and 99% of them are definitely wrong. I tried my luck. I explained:

"Every moment dear. Every moment you are not with me I miss you. Watching you walk away is the hardest thing for me to do every day. But I don't believe in technology to tell you I miss you. Do I even have to tell? When ever I think about you, I pray to God to make you smile :-) Look, like right now!! There it is - the smile (She practically smiles all the time ;-). Next time, you smile and not know why... its me just thinking about you. If you feel ticklish and want to giggle, go ahead... that's when you know I am missing you like hell."

I think she bought it. She sat there thinking about what I had just said for twenty minutes without speaking any word (the usual). She finished the cold coffee, and took a Rick home. I continued on my cappuccino and "Its not about the bike" for some more time. That book is simply a 'Must Read'.

Yesterday night, by the time I came home, I had four SMSs filled with smileys... Evidently, I am missing her much more than I had thought.