Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shoot out at the cake show

The annual Nilgiris cake show has begun and will go on till the rest of the year. The cakes really look as beautiful as they taste. It is every traveller's dream to see the seven wonders of the world. Cakes and pasteries tickle anybody's taste buds. If you can get both for just Rs 30/- it is the proverbial sone-pe-suhaga. This year the 33rd edition of hte Nilgiris cake show is organized at St Joseph's Boy's High School ground (next to Mallya Hospital). There is ample parking space for 4/2 wheelers and as I found out - parking is free for cyclists ;-) If you are around the area please drop by.

The cake show was also the venue of the pre-tour press meet. A lot of press photographers and reporters showed up. Representitives of our partners spoke about why they are supporting the tour of Nilgiris. Ravi talked about why tour the Nilgiris. As a managing trustee of Ride A Cycle Foundation, he appealed to take up cycling for commute and hoped to send home this message by conducting local rides in all the stop-over towns of the tour. Some sections of the press covered it as an adventure event, some as sports, some as nature evangelist event, some thought it was recreation. Reminds me of the story of elephant described by blind people. The tour of nilgiris is actually all of them... and much more. There are elements of adventure, sports, nature, recreation and much more. Truly the whole is greater than the sum.

And then, the shoot out started. The press went ga-ga over the top-class cycles and the top class cyclists. I clicked a whole bunch too... Sad that all of them are locked inside Deepak's camera. Will be posting as soon as I can lay hands on them.

In the mean while here are the links to the press coverage:
Deccan Herald:

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