Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why am I so excited about TFN'08?

Last week I won the blogging contest and I get to go in the TFN as part of the "media" crew. That was what led me into the contest - to be on the tour. As a bonus, WildCraft - the accessory partner of TFN threw in an all weather tent to go along. Nice... Now I am covered even if my father kicks me out of the house ;-) [not that he would do it... But, just in case...]

But all that is material. There are whole bunch of priceless intangibles that comes along. First and fore most - the people. The positive energy that the organizing bunch have, definitely rubs off. The very fact that the tour has grown to this proportion from being a casual ride plan on bikeszone is a fine testimony of that. This feeling is addictive and feeds on itself. Very soon, it has a tendency to grow out of hand (like the SENSEX in 2007). But this group has both their feet firmly on ground. A perfect blend of gusto and caution.

Secondly, the stars (No, not the Khans... the real ones). I have always been drawn to the mountains (of western ghats) mainly to see the stars. Light pollution in the city makes it impossible to see a clear dark sky. When I say "I like watching stars..." - it is just that. I can not tell one from another. Gazing at a star filled sky fills me with the same feeling of smallness (a happy one) as standing in front of an ocean not being able to see the other end... A star filled sky, moon lit night, gentle breeze... just enough to make the knee high grass create a Mexican wave, a distant hooting of an owl and a relentless cricket concert.... am I getting carried away?

Thirdly - Bragging rights. Being one of the official bloggers on the tour, I would have the second best experience of the tour... (the best would be to ride - of course). I am sure these seven days will give me enough stories to last until the next TFN. Lastly - (Don't laugh) when TFN is over, I would have seen Ooty. 

PS: TFN is organised by Ride A Cycle Foundation. Click to know more.

PPS: I have won many on-line contests before. (no, not the kind that promises rewards if you choose the better dancer between Madhuri Dixit and Cyrus Baroacha). But this is the first time that prize is delivered so quickly. Thanks TFN and WildCraft for being so prompt and sincere.


Nadig's said...

Wish you ur dream of 'PERFECT TOUR' comes true!!!

however i'm skeptical about it:-)

AlwaysHappyKya said...

Hey, awesome..Congratulations, not just for winning , but for the dream realizing so quickly for you.! :-)

With just 2 more days to go, you must be almost done with the prep.

Wish you a eventful journey full of plesant surprises and happy endings.

Hogi Banni :-)